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Club Policies and Renewal Information

as of 15 Apr 2023

The Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club (TRRC) is a community club that promotes the shooting sports, and is located at 8503 Chambers Creek Road West in University Place, Washington. We are situated on a 70-acre parcel of land in what has been described as a park-like setting. The shooting facilities include ranges for smallbore rifle, centerfire rifle, pistol, airgun, and archery; there are no shotgun facilities. All firing points are covered for year-round comfort and there is a full-time resident caretaker on-site. Club regulations and operations are governed by elected Officers and a Board of Directors.

Range Operations

  • The Club is open to members and their guests only.

  • The Club's Range Office is open during weekends.

  • Members can renew their membership anytime during these hours. Overdue members may use the black button to open the gate from 9:00am to 10:00am each weekend to renew their memberships.

  • Shooting supplies, such as ear and eye protection, targets, and staples as well as snacks are available at the Range Office.

  • All members and their guests must check in at the Range Office on weekends.

  • Guest fees are charged for guests during weekend shooting hours, as follows:

Adults (18 years of age and older) $10
Family (parent, grandparent, adult son/daughter, adult grandchildren) $5
All children and minors (ages 17 and under) FREE
Spouse of member FREE

TRRC Pistol Qualification Program

  • In order for any member to shoot a pistol anywhere at the Club (Main or Pistol Ranges), a member must complete the Pistol Qualification Program.

  • The Pistol Qualification is held the Saturday following new member classes, at 9:00am sharp.

  • The program involves a one hour classroom training session, held in the Club's classroom, followed by a shooting and gun handling test done at the Pistol Range. The shooting test is performed using your own pistol and ammunition. It involves loading and shooting a total of 10 rounds, in three separate stages. The member is evaluated on safe handling skills and the ability to hit a 2' by 2' target, placed at 15 yards, with all 10 rounds. The member must also demonstrate the ability to properly clear a jam or malfunction.

  • Also at 9:00AM, Range Safety Officers will be stationed at the Pistol Range for non-qualified members, who have previously attended the classroom training, to practice or qualify.

  • The shooting and gun handling test will be performed at the Pistol Range immediately after the classroom training, from about 10:00am to about 11:00am. NRA certified firearms instructors will be available at the Pistol Range during this time to provide assistance and training to members. This instruction is available to members before they attempt qualification, if they desire, or if questions arise during their shooting test.

Volunteer Opportunities

Any member may choose to reduce the cost of his/her annual membership renewal to as little as $60 + tax, by volunteering at the club, as follows:

  • By putting in volunteer work on an individual project or at one of the spring or fall work parties.

  • By volunteering time and talents on any of several programs or committees such as the Range Safety Officer (RSO) program, membership committee, newsletter editor, or the Wednesday morning range maintenance team. Each of these are always looking for new volunteers.

  • The credit for this work is $10 per hour worked, to a maximum credit of $100.

  • All credits toward the reduction of renewal costs must be documented by the individual member on the membership renewal application and presented at the time of renewal.

Membership Renewal Policies

  • Click HERE for your renewal application.

  • A renewal/expiration date is pasted on the back of your badge. You may renew at any time, either by mail or in person at the Range Office.

  • To renew your existing membership by mail, please fill out the renewal application and mail it with your payment to the address on the application.

  • The Range Office is open to members during weekend shooting hours for renewals.

  • Your badge will automatically become inoperative on your renewal date, and you are no longer authorized to use Club facilities.

  • If you do not renew by the renewal date, your TRRC membership will be considered "inactive." During this time you will continue to receive the newsletter and other information from the Club. You can still renew your membership by mail or at the Range Office.

  • After six months in "inactive" status your membership will be terminated. Should you wish to rejoin TRRC, you must follow the Club's new member procedures.

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